There is diverse flora and fauna, including a number of endemic species in the vicinity of our hydropower plants and along the rivers whose water we use. While exploiting the potential of water we also care about preserving the habitat of animals and plants.

For all of our hydroelectric plants we have prepared appropriate environmental impact assessment studies. Those documents clearly indicate that the existence of hydropower plants will not cause significant adverse changes in animal habitats.

In the process of producing electricity that takes place in hydropower plants and their components we are not using energy resources other than water, so it does not create any waste. Hydropower plants even clean the rivers from the existing solid waste that is eliminated before it reaches the turbines for their safe operation. In managing such waste we makes sure its disposal is acceptable to the environment, which will provide a high level of protection of human health and bio-diversity. We keep accurate records on the management of this waste which is collected upstream the hydropower plant.

In addition to river wildlife, we also have a responsibility to be careful of the wildlife located along the riverbanks. In the process of electricity production in these HPPs there is no diffusion emission of fumes into the air or spills of chemicals or oils into the water. Every part of our hydroelectric plants is adequately shielded and enclosed which significantly decreases the risk of danger to the habitat in the river valley.

All hydropower plants are equipped with automatic management that in case of a disaster such as a flood or fire automatically turns off the power plant.

All hydropower plants ensure discharge of the required amount of water along the rivers in order to provide enough water for the entire flora and fauna that exists in the water and along rivers. There is an ongoing project for the construction of fish courses modeled by the existing fish courses of HPPs of EVN Austria that meet the highest European standards. The construction of these fish courses will allow the fish to move upstream and downstream, so that the existence of the hydropower plant will not be an obstacle to their migration. In the next 3 years we plan to build 4 fish courses on the HPPs Belica, Babuna, Pesocani and Dosnica.


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