HPP Pesochani

HPP Pesocani is located on the River Pesocnica that passes through the village Pesocani in Debarca Municipality. The hydropower plant has been operational since 1951 and is part of the distribution branch of the City of Ohrid.

The catchment of this hydropower plant is located on the river Pesochanska about 5 km downstream to the machine room. It has a capacity of 1500 l/s, and the width and height of the overflow threshold amount to 20 m and 2,8 m respectively. The catchment is Tyrolean, built of stone. From the catchment building, the water is directed through the supply tunnel with a length of 4750 m to the water chamber with capacity of 2700 m3. From the chamber to the mechanical room, water is passed through a steel pipeline with a length of 980 m and a diameter of 670 mm.

The machine room has four Pelton turbines with horizontal axis, two on both generators. Nominal flow of turbines is 4x0.35 m3/s and nominal speed of 600 rpm. The generators are synchronous with static excitation and nominal power 2x1.45 MW. The turbines and generator have a common regulator. The output voltage of the generator is 6.3 kV and via two transformers, one 6.3/35 kV and the other 35/10 kV it is transmitted through 35 and 10 kV lines respectively to Kosel and Struga. After exploiting the energy potential of water in the turbines, water is taken to the drainage channel with a width of 1 m and a height of 1,29 m and is discharged into the river Pesochanska.

Annual electricity production is 12 GWh.

Net drop 290 m
Throughput 4x0.35 m3/s
Turbine type Pelton turbine with horizontal axis
Generator type Synchronous generator with static excitation
Installed capacity 2.9 MW
Efficiency coefficient >90%
Average annual output 12 GWh

The municipality according to its relief features includes a significant part of forest land, i.e. 50.45% of the territory of the municipality. Forest vegetation consists of a mountain beech forest with an area of 5230 ha, low-forest beech (92.452 ha), beech forest (1157 ha), oak gorun - Quercus petraea (11.926 ha), oak ploskach - Quercus conferta, oak - Quercus cerris (3243 ha), Querco ostryetum (42 ha), mixed oak and white hornbeam forest - Querco carpinetum orientalis (607,5 ha) and pine (28,4 ha). In locations around the water tank and the intake pipeline, the most common are Carpinus orientalis, rosehip (Rosa Canina), mixed oak and white hornbeam forest - Querco carpinetum orientalis and others.

The territory of the Municipality of Debarca has Belchisko marsh, which is the largest preserved wetland in Macedonia with an area of around 0,5 km2. The marsh, in parts even swamp, belongs to Debarca municipality and is located near the village of Novo Selo and Belishta. The area of the marsh is used by nearby residents for grazing and watering of cattle, mowing, fishing, hunting and recreation.

From the mammals, the municipality has wild boar (Sus Scrofa), hare (Lepus europeus), deer (Capreolus capreolus), lynx (Lynx lynx) and others.


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