HPP Belica

HPP Belica is a small hydroelectric plant located near the city of Kicevo. It is located on Belichka reka in the municipality Drugovo, in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the catchment area of the River Treska, on the beautiful slopes of Mount Ilinska.

The original power plant on the river Belica was built after the Second World War and is one of the oldest hydropower plants in the region. This hydropower plant originally supplied the villages Belica and Kozica. Later, in 1985, more modern hydroelectric plant was built just above the village, which is in use to this day.

The intake of this hydroelectric plant is located at 1,100 meters downstream to the powerhouse. It is Tyrolean, built of reinforced concrete. The width and height of the overflow threshold is 6,2m and 1,5m respectively. The reservoir capacity is 600 l/s. The inlet of the intake to the water chamber is constructed of reinforced concrete pipes with an inner diameter of 1 m or 1.2 m outer diameter. The collapse of this feed is 1%, and the tube is 80% filled at the maximum flow of 600l / s. The intake conduit has a length of 1117 m and finishes in a water chamber. From the water chamber, water is transported to the powerhouse with steel pipeline with diameter of 600 mm and a length of 104.6 m.

The machine room has Francis turbine which drives an asynchronous generator with installed capacity of 250 kW. The drive of the flow regulator has a hydraulic system. After exploiting the energy potential of the water, from the turbine water runs into a drain from where it is discharged back to Belicka reka. The generator rated voltage is 0,4 kV. Electricity to end users is transmitted via 0.4/10 kV transmission line TL Belica.

Average annual production of the hydropower plant is 1 GWh.

Net drop 46.63 m
Throughput 0.6 m3/s
Turbine type Francis turbine with horizontal axis
Generator type Asynchronous generator
Installed capacity 250 kW
Efficiency coefficient 82%
Average annual output 1 GWh

Belica is rich with water and besides the numerous springs there are also the sources of two rivers that flow into one another and form Belicka reka that flows into Velika reka (Treska) near the village Drugovo.


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