The production of electricity from water in EVN Power Plants is in accordance with the highest standards in the field of energy, especially in the field of environment. All our activities in this domain are based on the protection of natural resources and providing appropriate conditions for the normal development of the flora and fauna. In addition, we take care of the protection and conservation of water resources and their continuous improvement, as well as on the protection of coastal land. We rationally use the waters and we pay attention to the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity and ecosystems that depend on water.

Bearing in mind that providing the biological minimum in the rivers is very important for ensuring good environmental status of the watercourse, the satisfaction of the biological elements, hydro-morphological, chemical and physical-chemical characteristics is constantly monitored in accordance with the National Program for Assessment and Measures for River Basins. The same is done with the appropriate technology and constant monitoring by our operators.

As a result of our efforts and dedication, the chemical and bacteriological quality of river water is unchanged before the intake and at the outlet from the mechanical building where the transformation of the hydro potential to electricity is carried out. At the same time, all necessary parameters are constantly monitored. Physical composition changes with the retention of physical large matter, usually branches and other organic waste that water carries along. This waste is retained in the coarse and fine grid and then removed.

In addition to our efforts to respect the highest standards for environmental protection, the Hydrometeorological Administration is also performing control through the RIMSYS (River Monitoring System) Program. Within this program, through an analysis of hydrological parameters, physical and organoleptic indicators, mineralization, oxygen indicators, indicators of eutrophication and harmful substances, the quality of surface waters in the Republic of Macedonia is being monitored. Through the program, the rivers are monitored in terms of hydrological parameters and other parameters that define the quality of water and its classification according to the Decree for categorization of watercourses, lakes, accumulations and groundwater (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 18/99 and 71/99).

The data processed by the Macedonian Information Center at the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning show that the quality of river water we use and their tributaries is in accordance with the quality prescribed by the Decree (Class II, which can be used for bathing, recreation and, after treatment, even for drinking, and Class III of moderate eutrophic water that can be used for irrigation).


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