HPP Turija

Hydroelectric plant Turija is located about 8 km from the Municipality of Vasilevo, near the settlement Dobroshinci in the southeast of the Republic of Macedonia.

The dam on the river Turija was built in the period 1968-1971, was put into use in 1973, while HPP Turija was built in the period from 1984 to 1985.

The primary purpose of reservoir Turija is providing drinking water to the residents of Strumica; water supply to the industry and irrigation of Strumica Field with an area of 10.050 ha. For more efficient use of water from the reservoir, it is also used to produce electricity.

Dam Turija belongs is of the stone-dirt dams with central clay core, slightly inclined towards the opposite slope. The reservoir side covers an area of 0,16 km2. The reservoir Turija with gross volume of 50.350.000 m3 enables multi-year leveling of the water balance of the river Turija. For the purposes of the hydropower plant, the water is taken in the steel pipe to the machinery room.

The machine room has two Francis turbines with horizontal axis, which drive two synchronous generators with static excitation and have total installed capacity of 2 MW. Electricity enters the system through two block transformers 0.4/10 kV which are located next to the power plant.

The average annual output is 500,000 to 1.200.000 kWh.

Net drop 57 m
Throughput 2x2.5 m3/s
Turbine type Francis turbine with horizontal axis
Generator type Synchronous generator with static excitation
Installed capacity 2 MW
Efficiency coefficient 80%
Average annual output 1.2 GWh

Lake Turija is the biggest artificial lake in the Southeast. Maximum elevation is 391.0 meters above sea level with a total volume of the reservoir of 50.35 million m3 of water and available volume of 47.85 million m3 of water. The reservoir covers an area of 180 ha with a maximum depth of 54 m. This area is under the impact of the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Aegean Sea with greater or lesser combination with a continental climate, with long hot summers and high daily temperatures, reduced annual rainfall and lower winter temperature. The lake features a number of species of fish including carp, catfish, roach, bleak, kostres, chub, barbel, karas, soncharka. There are no endemic species of flora and fauna in and around the lake.


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