HPP Popova Shapka

Hydroelectric plant Popova Shapka got its name from the eponymous mountain where it is located. It was put into use in 1994.

HPP Popova Shapka is a cascade system of four hydroelectric plants located in a range of 3 to 20 km from Tetovo with a total installed capacity of 4.8 MW.

HPP Popova Shapka is set in cascades on the main pipeline whose primary activity is the supply of drinking water to the city of Tetovo, and the secondary is the production of electricity.

Equipment for electricity production in the machinery room of these HPPs consists of Pelton turbine with horizontal axis, flow regulator and generator. The action of the flow regulator is driven by hydraulic system. The turbine drives a synchronous generator with rotating diodes.

In case of failure of any of the four hydropower plants, each of them has installed an energy switch which is used for taking over the water along the main pre-turbine valve and diverting it into the collection chamber in order to provide hydrodynamic continuity of the water supply system.

The annual average production of HPP Popova Shapka is 20 GWh.

Net drop 300 m
Throughput 0.6 m3/s
Turbine type Pelton turbine with horizontal axis
Generator type Synchronous generator with rotating diodes
Installed capacity 4.8 MW
Efficiency coefficient 85%
Average annual output 20 GWh


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