HPP Babuna

HPP Babuna is a small hydroelectric plant located near the city of Veles. It is named after the eponymous river in the municipality of Chaska, in the central part of Macedonia, under the summit Solunska glava and the picturesque slopes of Mount Jakupica.

HPP Babuna is located about 38 km from the municipality of Chaska.

As a smaller hydroelectric plant it had existed since 1956, and was first reconstructed in 1991.

The intake structure is located at 1,200 m downstream of the powerhouse, at an elevation of 549.60 meters above sea level. The intake is Tyrolean, while the width and height of the overflow threshold is 8 m and 4,6 m respectively. The nominal flow of water passing through pipelines is 3,2 m3/s. The net drop of water before entering the hydroelectric plant is 22 m.

The equipment for electricity production in the machinery room consists of two Francis turbines with horizontal axis. The flow regulator has a hydraulic system. The turbines drive two synchronous generators with static excitation and total installed capacity of 720 kW. Generators work in parallel at a voltage of 0.4 kV and the energy produced is transformed by a 0.4/10 kV transformer.

Electricity to end users is transmitted via 10 kV transmission line to the distribution facility Porcelanka by decoupling to 10 kV transmission line and to the village Jesenovo. After exploiting the energy potential of the water from the turbines through the steel pipeline, the water runs to a drain that is discharged back into the river Babuna.

The average annual production is 1.2 GWh.

Net drop 24.9 m
Throughput 2x1.6 m3/s
Turbine type Francis turbine with horizontal axis
Generator type Synchronous generator with static excitation
Installed capacity 720 kW
Efficiency coefficient 78%
Average annual output 1.2 GWh

Biological minimum of the river Babuna is 75 m³/s and it is always observed by the operator of the hydropower plant.

The source of the Babuna on the slopes of Jakupica features the attractive cave Damjanica, while on the right valley side in the gorge Pesti there is the cave Makarovec. It consists of a mix of multiple channels with a total length of 310 meters. The cave is poor in cave decorations, while its furthest northeast part, under a drop of 8 meters, there is a cave lake. The breathtaking landscape makes the source of the Babuna a real gem of unspoiled nature. From here, Babuna continues through the steep valley, and near the mouth it enters a narrow gorge. It receives the tributaries Breznica, Granushka, Crnichka and Bela Voda. Near the southern exit from Veles, Babuna flows into Vardar. The incredibly clean mountain water of Babuna features the river trout.


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