Our Team

Our employees stand behind the success, good results and ambitions of the company.

The team of EVN Power Plants consists of highly qualified staff in several areas, as well as technical personnel that is properly trained to work with electro - mechanical parts in our power plants and is in charge of their maintenance.

We stimulate the innovative approach of our staff, and they return the favor with their professionalism, dedication, loyalty and responsibility. We cater to continuing education and upgrading the knowledge of our employees through the implementation of various trainings and seminars.

One of the most important types of responsibility to employees is making sure they are adequately protected during the working process. We pay particular attention to all employees possessing protective equipment and properly using it when working.

Besides the process of producing electricity, our employees are committed to the care and rational and planned use of natural resources as well as their maintenance and renewal through the protection of flora and fauna.
Briefly put – we are working professionally, we are using the most modern and advanced technologies and ensuring the proper maintenance of facilities, providing greater efficiency and safety at work, and respecting international standards for environmental protection.


EVN Macedonia Elektrani DOOEL Skopje
Str. Lazar Licenoski 11
Skopje 1000 North Macedonia
Phone +389 (0)2 3205 000